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The Artists of India

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: A profile

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Alternate Capitalism

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AI will only learn what you teach it

Episode 3: Should you vote NOTA?

Chopsticks: How are they used across Asia?

Was Jyotiraditya Scindia’s move to BJP legal? 

Understanding the gender bias in pop culture 

Surrogate Advertising

The collateral damage due to Covid-19

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Episode 2: The President

Why Jeff Bezos cannot end world hunger

Logically tackling the arguments against the Tanishq AD

The ABCs of LGBTQ+

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All you need to know about the Rajya Sabha

Schitt’s Creek - Beyond the sitcom

There is more to porn than sexual liberation

Trump or Biden – Who’s better for India?

India’s trade war with China

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Equal outcome is not same as equal opportunities: The gender pay gap in sports

The legal structure is failing rape victims

The Delhi HC Same Sex Marriage Case: Explained

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Tesla-1, Everybody Else- 0 ?

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The ABC's of NEP 2020

What is the Shadow Pandemic?

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Why are people boycotting Disney’s Mulan?

How did South Korea fight Covid without a lockdown?

News aggregation and the rise of fake news

How Indore became India’s Cleanest City!

Sustainability in the time of corona

RBI’s Loan Restructuring

Period Leaves: the good and the bad

Mental Health during Covid

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The Void in Indian Politics

Growth of the Indian Gaming Industry

Using Inferential Statistics to explain Casual Sexism

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The COVID-19 vaccine is coming to India

Post Covid Cricket

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